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The Personal Trainer
for your life & business.

We are all creative, resourceful and whole human beings yet we are  striving to find the true meaning of "success and happiness". I believe that we have the answers, we just haven't been asked the right questions.

I work with clients to identify and solidfy their core values - what really matters most, what truly drives them and how to prioritize the things they are doing to map to those core values.

The objective Voice of Reason that helps identify gaps and fill holes.

I believe that People, Products, Process and Profits (in that order) are the key drivers of business success. I work with my clients to assure that all four are primary components in their quarterly and annual objectives. 

I consult for companies of all sizes on an hourly, project or retainer basis.

The Trusted Confidant that pats you on the back and kicks you in the butt.

Successful, sustainable leaders emphasize both IQ and EQ, head and heart, mercenary and missionary, extrinisic and intrinsic, science and art, data and instinct.

Generally, I advise smaller Seed and Series A stage companies for compensation and/or equity.

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