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My personal core values are: 

Impact - Connection - Empathy - Diversity - Freedom  

Authentegrity - Evolution - Perspective


What I am

I am a seasoned executive, entrepreneur, professional coach and advisor. I have founded two companies, leading their growth and ultimate exits. I was a founder, board member, and Studio General Manager at TapZen, a mobile gaming company founded in September 2012 that we sold to Kabam in January 2015. I was also co-founder, board member and Chief Operating Officer at SpotOn Parking, a shared economy company that was sold in March of 2016.

I am a highly-driven, creative, production and business development executive with over 25 years of software development experience, leading big budget/revenue products from vision to reality. I've led teams at small, medium and large companies including Broderbund Software, Microsoft, and Zynga.

I have repeatable critical and commercial market success with some of the entertainment industry's biggest franchises, including Xbox, Halo, Gears of War and Age of Empires. I've worked successfully with some of the top game developers in the industry including Bungie, Epic Games and Ensemble Studios.

I am currently an Executive Coach, Advisor and Consultant at my own firm, Reach The Summit. I work with individuals and leaders of companies of varying sizes, including seed stage, Series A-C and Fortune 500 companies. 

I am a passionate, empathetic leader that harnesses and builds happy and thriving teams. My definition of success is much broader than ROI, as I believe sustainable and repeatable success requires a balance of EQ and IQ, head and heart, art and science. I believe it is critical to be as scrutinizing of your successes as you are of your failures, as identifying the root causes in both success and failure assures the necessary learning to repeat success or course-correct as needed.

I also believe strongly in philanthropy and I have served on the board of directors of nonprofit organizations as well as co-founded one myself.


"Steve quickly intuits root causes and key areas of focus from small amounts of information, which allows him to thrive in ambiguity as an entrepreneur, senior executive, coach, consultant or advisor. "

"Steve is one of the few people that not only "talks the talk", but can actually "walk the walk"  because he’s "been there"  - as an executive and an entrprenuer and can empathize personally, not just in theory. "


I have been a life and executive coach for the past 13 years working with a variety of clients at all stages of life, at all seniority levels, and within all stages of companies. I typically work with leaders, teams and companies who want to learn, evolve, and transform.

"Steve asks powerful questions that challenge the norm and force broad thinking and peripheral vision."

"Steve builds self-aware, highly adaptive cultures that create happy and thriving people and teams."

Who I am

I am a caring and compassionate father, husband, son, brother, confidant, philanthropist and mentor to some of the most inspirational people I have ever met. I am a competitive athlete and love all sports and the mountains. 


I am a passionately empathetic, high-integrity, direct communicator who cares about people living their most fulfilling, authentic lives. At the same time, I am relentless about being a mirror for people to assess themselves in a healthy, honest and productive way that provides clarity, motivation and sustainable results.

"Steve doesn't tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to hear"

"Steve possess a unique balance of emotional (EQ) and rational analysis (IQ) and generates deep insights as a result."

"Plain and simple, Steve is a people and culture guru"

I am mission-driven and I believe in intrinsic motivation and the importance of first building your vision, purpose and values and then creating an execution plan that maps accordingly – personally and professionally.

"Steve possesses an innate ability to connect immediately with people, moving them quickly towards their goals."

"Steve creates common languages and nomenclature through repetition, humor and memorable analogies."


"Steve has extremely high emotional intelligence, is able to foresee and analyze difficult human and team challenges leading to unique, creative and holistic solutions for all parties."


"Steve identifies and pre-empts problems before they arise, turning difficult situations and conversations into productive, motivating outcomes."



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