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My clients and colleagues highlight the following about me:

"Steve identifies and pre-empts problems before they arise, turning difficult situations and conversations into productive, motivating outcomes."


"Steve leverages empathetic, product-centric approaches to turn basic product features into consumer benefits that elicit emotion, engagement and satisfaction."


"Steve intuits and understands many different market segments - he builds accessible and intuitive user experiences."


"Steve is an incredible negotiator and strategist with an uncanny ability to create win-win outcomes in very tenuous circumstances."

"Steve quickly intuits root causes and key areas of focus from small amounts of information, which allows him to thrive in ambiguity as an entrepreneur, senior executive, coach, consultant or advisor. "


"Steve is one of the few people that not only "talks the talk", but can actually "walk the walk"  because he’s "been there"  - as an executive and an entrprenuer and can empathize personally, not just in theory. "


"Steve possesses an innate ability to connect immediately with people, moving them quickly towards their goals."


"Steve builds self-aware, highly adaptive cultures that create happy and thriving people and teams."


"Steve asks powerful questions that challenge the norm and force broad thinking and peripheral vision."


"Steve has extremely high emotional intelligence, is able to foresee and analyze difficult human and team challenges leading to unique, creative and holistic solutions for all parties."


"Steve inspires the use of both IQ and EQ in people management, decision-making and product development."


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