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I believe that People, Products, Process and Profits (in that order) are the key drivers of business success. I work with my clients to assure that all four are primary components in their quarterly and annual objectives. 


My 25 years of professional experience includes executive positions at Microsoft and Zynga, bringing organizations public, founding and selling two companies, and board positions in the for- profit and non-profit sectors.

I have seen just about every situation in business, made plenty of mistakes, learned what works and what doesn't. Most importantly I know what success looks like.

I work with companies of all sizes in the below areas on an hourly, project or retainer basis.


Developing Vision, Mission & Values

Branding Workshops

Executive Maturity & Leadership

Marketing & PR

Business Development & Contract Negotiation

Formulas for Happy & Thriving Teams

People Development & Management 

Strategic Planning, Goal Setting & OKR's


Product Development & Management

Product & Milestone Reviews

User Interface and User Experience

Focus Groups and Funnel Analysis


Financial Reviews & Business Planning


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