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Successful, sustainable leaders emphasize both IQ and EQ, head and heart, mercenary and missionary, extrinisic and intrinsic, science and art, data and instinct.


I believe that we are all better with experienced, objective advisors that can provide clarity in challenging, ambiguous situations, as well as in situations where everything is going as planned (for now). Advisors that will be a strong mirror for us and challenge us to be self-aware personally and professionally. Partners that will assure that we are building to scale at all stages, as what got us here may not get us there.

Generally, I advise smaller Seed and Series A stage companies in the below areas where I can provide perspective, advice, and act as a sounding board.

Investor Decks & Pitches

VC & Investor Introductions

Infrastructure and Scaling

Strategic Planning

Financial Reviews

Milestone Reviews

Executive Maturity & Leadership Presence

Public Speaking & Presentations

Hiring, People Development & Management

Product Development


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